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Are you looking for online courses from a fully accredited online school in order to earn your high school diploma in Southfield, Michigan from the comfort of your own home?


Michigan Cyber Academy will meet your needs as it is a fully accredited online high school. Students work to complete their high school classes using the school's state of the art computer system. Our students are provided with excellent instructors and can work at their own pace in an individualized learning environment in Southfield, MI.


Would an accredited online homeschool be a better fit for your high school student between the ages of 16 and 21 years of age in Southfield, Michigan?


If you're searching for a homeschool or home education plan, Michigan Cyber Academy offers a complete accredited online high school program for students in Southfield, Michigan.


Michigan Cyber Academy offers a free online High School Program to eligible Southfield Michigan students.


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Graduates from Michigan Cyber Academy will earn a diploma from the Hazel Park Public School system and have the option to participate in a commencement ceremony. The teaching staff at Michigan Cyber Academy is dedicated to working with students to achieve their goal of a high school diploma. After many successful years of providing quality education, we look forward to the upcoming school year. We are proud to serve Southfield, MI with fully accredited online High School programs.


Graduates of the Michigan Cyber Academy receive their diplomas from the Hazel Park Public School System and can choose to participate in a commencement ceremony. The teachers and support staff work with the students to help them achieve their goals of earning a high school diplomas. We have provided an outstanding education to many students over the years, and eagerly anticipate the upcoming academic year. We have a fully accredited online high school program and proudly serve students in Southfield, Michigan.


Students connect over the Internet to an outstanding curriculum and our certified teachers. We provide a personalized, online learning experience to help each student achieve his or her goals.


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Are you interested in earning your high school diploma online from the comfort of your own home? Would you like to find an accredited online homeschool for a high school student? If having a high school diploma with your name on it is important to you, but a traditional classroom setting is not for you, Michigan Cyber Academy has a free, fully accredited, highly reputable, online high school program in Southfield, Michigan.