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Are you trying to earn your High School diploma from an accredited online High School that offers all online courses from your own home in Ann Arbor, Michigan?


Michigan Cyber Academy is a fully accredited online high school offering excellence in education to the Ann Arbor, MI area. The online high school program allows students to move at their own pace right from the comfort of home.


Are you in need of an accredited online homeschool for a high school student age 14 through 21 in Ann Arbor, Michigan?


Michigan Cyber Academy is a worthwhile online high school program for any student seeking a homeschool or home education high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Michigan Cyber Academy offers a free online High School Program to eligible Ann Arbor Michigan students.


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The teaching staff at Michigan Cyber Academy is available by phone 8am-4pm daily to answer questions and help with coursework. Outside of these times, students can still contact our team by email. All the student needs is Internet access, a computer, and the drive to achieve the goal of earning a high school diploma. The program is designed so that students in Ann Arbor, MI can learn at their own pace and their desired intensity with a range of levels of courses and extra support for students if needed.


Would you like to earn your online high school diploma from the comfort and safety of your own home? Are you looking for an accredited online homeschool for a High School student? If you're aware of the importance of having your high school diploma but have been unable to attend a traditional classroom setting, Michigan Cyber Academy has a fully accredited and free online high school program in Ann Arbor Michigan!


Students connect over the Internet to an outstanding curriculum and our certified teachers. We provide a personalized, online learning experience to help each student achieve his or her goals.


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If you haven’t found success in attending a traditional classroom setting or prefer the freedom of working at your own pace, Michigan Cyber Academy can provide the tools to earn your online high school diploma. Our fully accredited online homeschool for high school students is offered to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and graduates are invited to participate in a graduation ceremony from the Hazel Park Public School System. Because our online program is completely free, students have little to lose and a great high school education to gain!