Michigan Cyber Academy
Frequently Asked Questions


Does MCA provide a computer/laptop?

We review each students situation individually and upon review a device the student can utilize for school work may be provided.

*Some restrictions apply*


What equipment do I need to participate in Michigan Cyber Academy's online High School program?

Internet access and a computer.


Where do I have to live to participate in the online program?

All students must live in the state of Michigan.


Can I earn an actual High School Diploma?

Yes. All diplomas are endorsed by the Hazel Park Public Schools.


How do I register for classes?

To register call us at (248) 399-2222 or complete the enrollment form and we will contact you for additional information.


How much work per week will I be expected to complete?

Students should work 4-5 days a week on average (there are specific dates that you will need to be logged into our system).


How often will I be contacted weekly?

We will contact you at least two times per week. Communication between the student, parent, and Michigan Cyber Academy is very important.


What if I need help in one of my classes?

Students and parents can contact us by phone at (248) 399-2222 between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday - Friday. If students need help after hours we can be contacted by email.


How do you know what classes I will need to graduate?

We will request a copy of your official transcripts from the last school you earned credit from. We will then place you in the classes needed to satisfy the Michigan guidelines for graduation.


Can I earn my GED from Michigan Cyber Academy?

No, but we can prepare you for the test with online courses. In Michigan, the Office of Adult Education administers GED testing. The tests are only available in person and you will not be able to take them online.