Michigan Cyber Academy
Frequently Asked Questions


Does MCA provide a computer/laptop?

We review each students situation individually and upon review a device the student can utilize for school work may be provided.

*Some restrictions apply*


What equipment do I need to participate in Michigan Cyber Academy's online High School program?

Internet access and a computer.


Where do I have to live to participate in the online program?

All students must live in the state of Michigan.


Can I earn an actual High School Diploma?

Yes. All diplomas are endorsed by the Hazel Park Public Schools.


How do I register for classes?

To register call us at (248) 399-2222 or click the pre enroll now button on the enrollment page.


How much work per week will I be expected to complete?

Students should work 4-5 days a week on average (there are specific dates that you will need to be logged into our system).


How often will I be contacted weekly?

We will contact you at least two times per week. Communication between the student, parent, and Michigan Cyber Academy is very important.


What if I need help in one of my classes?

Students and parents can contact us by phone at (248) 399-2222 between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday - Friday. If students need help after hours we can be contacted by email.


How do you know what classes I will need to graduate?

We will request a copy of your official transcripts from the last school you earned credit from. We will then place you in the classes needed to satisfy the Michigan guidelines for graduation.