Eligibility Requirements


You must meet specific state and program requirements to attend Michigan Cyber Academy. Student eligibility requirements in Michigan are determined by the Michigan Legislature and the Michigan Board of Education.


Michigan Cyber Academy does not accept students who are currently expelled from their local school or school district.


Age Limitations

A Student must be 14 to 21 years old on September 1 to be eligible for enrollment in Michigan Cyber Academy.


Required Documents

Please provide a copy of the following document for every student to verify age eligibility. To avoid unnecessary delays, provide a copy of this document along with your enrollment documents.

Residency Requirements

You must reside in the state of Michigan and provide acceptable proof of residency to be eligible for enrollment in Michigan Cyber Academy. A copy of one of the following documents must be provided to verify your legal residence. If you do not have any of these documents, please contact us to find out about acceptable alternative documentation.